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Hi people.

Hope this is the correct place to ask for advice.

The house we are hoping to buy in France has a set of tiled steps from the hallway down into the garage, there is no hand rail, which I will sort, but my cocern are the steps, not so much for us but the grandchildren, I am worried that they may go down the steps with just socks on, slip and go flying down the lot, I did not notice if there was a lock on the top door.

Is there anything I can paint/spray  on the steps to make them non slippery, I am sure I read on one of the forums, there was something you can wash the steps with, which would help, any one any ideas please.


Thanks  Colin

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Last time over I was in Leroy Merlin and noticed they had non slip sticky backed strips approx 1" wide specifically for stairs - there seemed to be different types, but at the time was more interested in the wooden staircases themselves.
Fairly sure I've seen the something like it in a Screwfix catalogue recently.  I can't find it at the moment but they do also do some ribbed rubber matting which could be cut and stuck down if appropriate?



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