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Not the question you asked I realise, but if you can be bothered with wood (stacking it, transporting it, cleaning up the ash, etc) then this can work out an awful lot cheaper than oil. We've just changed to wood burning stoves, partly because of this. Obviously the price and quality of the wood being burned varies, but I worked out that - for us - heating oil would need to drop to around 35 cents again per litre to compete.

I can't see this happening myself: even with the economic slump, world old demand is expected to keep rising, albeit a lot more slowley than in recent years.

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[quote user="Humph"]Thinking of installing  oil heating. Anyone know the current price per litre.[/quote]

It can vary a lot. Why not phone your local supplier?

We've gone back to wood. The old oil system wasn't viable, wood is far cheaper for our needs, and we don't want holding hostage by the oil market year on year.

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I would just like to say that the newer oil boilers are hugely more efficient than the older ones.

If, like us, you have a new house, then the oil is so much more economical & efficient.

We were filling the 1500 litre tank twice a year at our last property, an oldish house & equally old boiler. (25 years)

Our new tank was filled in May & the oil has only moved a couple of inches  since then. Due to the fact that we have all the latest gas filled double glazing, wall insulation, loft insulation etc & a brand new boiler, our house stays lovely & warm & we have to turn off the radiators after a couple of hours in the evening as it gets too warm.

I know we have the colder weather to come, even so, we reckon we won't have to order any more oil until the Spring.

So it's not always bad news for fuel oil heating.

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[quote user="Scooby"]We're changing to wood for our primary heating.  It cost us 1,000 euros for half a tank full of oil this summer.  When compared to 150 euros for 4 cubic metres of wood its a no brainer!

 hi ok

               depends how much work you are willing to do . We ... 2 french friends and myself have just invested 1000€ in a log splitter , we now buy brute pine from the local furniture factory for ......... 3 € a stere plus delivery .Here is the first of 6 loads 2 for each of us ..In total 120 stere for 360 €



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