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I'm not sure this is the right section of the forum - but since there are plenty of knowledgeable people posting I'll give it a go.

About 3 weeks ago we had a mega-but-short-lived storm and took a close (or even direct) lightning strike. After this, we noticed that the water heater (on heure creuse) wasn't working.

We then went to GB for a 2 week visit.

Yesterday I started tracing the problem and ended up looking at EDF's meter (which is a Landis & Gyr electronic thingy). It seems to be completely dead - no display or flashing light - so I assume that it was frazzled by the lightning strike.

Now, I'm assuming that the readings will be stored internally in some lightning-proof memory - but probably not the units used following its demise.

I wonder if anyone has had such an experience and how EDF go about 'estimating' for the unmetered units? I also wonder if they'll try to recoup any costs through my house insurance? I've told EDF, but said nothing about lightning and I'll maintain this "I know nothing" strategy.

Any comments appreciated.

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