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There is a product by Zinsser called 123, it causes great debate with me and my pals, I think its great and does block stains and works as a primer but others think its a bit c#'# as it sometimes peals off. I've had most success with it cover stains on a wood panelled ceiling and less success with it as a primer for painted furniture. The other thing to remember is that you are sealing what ever is causing the stain in, so if its damp it could creep to another area, The black sounds more like mildew which would be on the surface rather than coming through the wall which could be from lack of air circulating. I'm a bit of a firm believer in letting houses breath if you have solid stone walls.  Anyway it's easily available from Castorama or specialist paint shop, here's a link which decribes what it does

http://www.decoratingdirect.co.uk/viewprod/z/ZINBE/ (I've no connection to this company, just found it on google)

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