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Carpet Fitter near Poitiers


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I have looked at previous posts on this topic and also at what is available in the shops in France & wonder if there has been any progress & if it is possible to have 'proper' carpets in France - the kind with gripper rods, full, soft underlay and a Wilton etc carpet with hessian backing.

I really want this carpet in a new large bedroom/bedroom sitting area, dressing room & don't accept the reasons given by some posters - bugs, fleas etc.  South Africa makes and sells Wilton & other fitted carpets & that is not a major problem there, in the land of  sometimes enormous bugs of every kind,  unless you have animals bringing such bugs inside.  And, obviously animals need to be kept free of fleas & ticks- we managed it there

So, any changes, any news on carpet fitting ? 

OR  Is there a retired and / or experienced fitter able to fit carpets near Poitiers?  ( 30 mins NE)

We can bring to France the carpet, underlay, gripper rods ...   We would need some advice regarding quantity needed, and we are in no hurry-   perhaps in the Spring 2009 -  we are quite flexible about the timing.

Please contact me if you can help.



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