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Has anyone had any success using their area Brico-depot website?

When it first was available some area sites had prices and product details but my local one (Amiens) only had a few, now it is as much use as a chocolate teapot (like some of the employees there) as all you get is the eqivalent to the front page of each section, no products or prices.

To make matters worse I cannot now access the national site to choose a more customer friendly depot as it now always defaults to Amiens.

So I have two questions, which regional sites have anything usefull like prices on them and how can I acess them without ending up back at Amiens?

My congratulations to Brico-depot for truly capturing the Picardy indifference [:P]

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Normal for a load of French web sites, about as usefull and friendly as a cornered rat!

It doesn't even show the store that was opened in Carcasonne about 6 months ago???

I am afraid that I was as impressed with the stack it high sell it expensive attitude as I have been with a load of the 'cheepie' supermarkets when I went to have a look around the place.

I even went a second time to make sure that I hadn't made a mistake the first time!

Not impressed and very disapointed.

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