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Please can someone help for building 'things' terminology and the like is just foreign to me and I need some assistance before placing the order for new flooring for the main and fifth bedroom.

The existing parquet in the corridor upstairs plus the other four bedrooms date back to 25/45 years.

We now want as near as possible parquet for the fifth bedroom as the rest of the bedrooms and corridor and have received a quote for the following:

callage partiel par tasseaux visses sur le vieux pour remise a droit

15m2 of laine de verred (for noise I presume)

the same of dalles d'agglo en 16mm posee sur les tasseaux

the same 15m2 of parquet flottant et sous couche coloris a definir (this is where we are at the moment faced with a cataloge!)

Simply put we just want a good quality floor put down and not laminate or the like for its a main bedroom and used to have 25 year carpet that was nailed and fixed with all sorts of things.

  The floor boards are not in a very good condition and are not level.

The cost of the parquet is 28.20 per square metre.


Please can someone give us advice on this and provide us with a few words for the carpenter so we are singing from the same hymnsheet. 

many thanks


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I am not sure if you want advice or translation, I can help with the second but cant gie you authorative advice although my Grandfather had a parquet business long before I was born.

Callage partiel................... this is making your floor level by screwing wedge shape slips (tasseaus) to the joist to level the fallen areas, it indicates that this will only be done in places.

Laine de verre, - you have understood.

Dalles d'agglo........... - 16mm chipboard panels (usually tongue and grooved) laid on the new tasseaus/old joists.

Parquet flottante.........., well this should be the modern parquet equivalent that clips together but the sous couche worries me, that makes it sound like laminate flooring (revétement de sol à clipser), the colour is to be defined, if you are looking at a catalogue he has given you then you should be able to see what type it is. Also the price seems at the lower end of the brico prices and I would expect an artisan to supply something costing more, are you buying the materials yourself for him to fit perhaps?

There is no mention that he is going to remove your old floorboards before fitting the tasseaus although I doubt that he would lay them on top of the old floorboards, it would give you a very high step up but nothing surprises me with some French devi's, you have to look out for what is not written, in this case is he taking up and disposing of the old or are you expected to do this before he arrives?

Good luck.

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