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Impromptu window opening needs immediate TLC...


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I’m in the process of

installing a window in the living room which will be the only window in the place with a view (the previous owners boarded up

the window opening and put in a bookcase-locals think it was a dispute between neighbors!) In the process of knocking out

the bricks, I found that the window opening wasn't framed with lintels or the

thick concrete frames that you see in all the old homes.  Nothing but

loose crumbly mortar and stones.  I'm pretty confident in my DYI skills

but I'm thinking that this is pro territory? I removed the big loose stones

above the opening but I can see where the wall above has shifted over the

years--possibly the reason they bricked in their impromptu hole. Some of the

rocks are loose; nothing too dangerous but it will have to be dealt with.  Here's a photo of what I'm dealing with:


 At any rate, what are

my options?  Is it best to have someone come in and properly frame it with wood or concrete?  Anybody recommend a good mason/builder in the Aude (11)?

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