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Unusual wiring?


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I don't know much about electrical theory, but I'm trying to understand a bit about my domestic wiring, which is probably 20-25 years old.

In the circuit breaker box, there's a red wire from one side of the main breaker to a series of red-wire links to the upper contacts of the individual circuit breakers.  No problem with that.  However, one of these contacts also has a yellow-and-green wire which unfortunately disappears into a mass of other wires and realistically I don't think I could trace it.

I can't think of any reason why there would be a direct connection between phase and earth anywhere in the system.  Can there be a reason, or should I be worried?

PS, to those of you who kindly advised me recently about my garage wiring project: there's no connection with this one.  It's a different box (yes, I have two, don't ask me why).  The garage lighting is working well.

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A few possibilities spring to mind on the assumption that the yellow green is not connected to earth, this dependant on the assumption you do indeed have an earth cicuit!

1) It is being used to feed another rangée (din rail of mcbs) on the tableau

2) It is being used to feed an timer, telerupteur or contactor elsewhere in the tableau that is isolated from the others (not part of the red wire links)

3) It is being used to feed something like the above but located elsewhere in the house.

Happy hunting.

P.S. while you are at it check that your incoming phase and neutre are not switched, mine had been for 80 years!

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