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reed beds for filtration?


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Looking at various options for sewage system, not got anything at the moment and have always liked the idea of a reed bed for the filtration.

Does anybody know the official line on reed beds? (Indre) space isn't a problem and have a gentle slope. Have looked at alternatives, Biorock etc.

If they are ok, can I do my own or anybody know of an installer?

Any help appreciated.

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Some two or three years ago our Council replaced the village's ageing and odiferous purification plant with a reed bed system. This was financed in part by the Department and Region, so I assume they are officially approved. We currently have about 500 inhabitants, but the system is designed to cope with an increase of 50%.

After the initial mechanical system which removes solids which have got into the system, it has several large beds which are filled in rotation by remote controlled valves. The initial plants looked unimpressive, but they have obviously been well nourished and have grown magnificently.

The water flowing away after treatment is perfectly clear and has no odour, and runs into an existing small watercourse which disappears across the vignes.

We had a grand opening ceremony where everyone had a chance to examine the (working) equipment at close quarters, including the insides of the separator. Although not everyone seemed interested in doing this, all adjourned to the Foyer afterwards for a glass or two.

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I have no idea about approval in France but ecologically they are the way forward

Correctly installed you get almost drinking quality water discharged after the filter

Note is is essential to plant the correct plants, along with the reeds, to attract the natural predators for mosquitos to avoid creating other problems

I have come across a company in France that installs reed bed swimming pools but not a fosse installer

Le Plombier

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