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Permis de Construire - charges towards commune


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Is there any kind of documentation available to check what charges I will incur when tuning one of my buildings into a residence?  I believe the charge comes in two parts, a year or so apart.

I'm betting it isn't as simple as ticking a few 'boxes' .. how many bedrooms, square metre of footprint, how many bathrooms, etc.   Does anybody know of any info that will give me a rough idea of what I will be charged?

Also, will I be charged Taxe d'habitation on that and my current home (both on same plot) ... and just on set of Tax Fonciere?  Or will I get a Fonciere charge on both of them?  (The second building will be for visiting family and friends)

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The only people who can answer your first question is the Hotel des Impots - take your plans along and ask.

Have you applied for permission yet? Never assume anything when applying for a change of use - any info based on current plans may be significantly off when you finally get permission!!

You are charged TH on anything that is habitable, TF of the land underneath it. Whether you are charged TF depends on the cadastre of the property. H des I, again.



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