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Rosières range-type cooker 'La Bocuse'

val douest

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Does anyone have any experience of these cookers, which I gather are quite popular in France?  I am looking for a cooker with two ovens, at least one of which should have pyrolitic (very high temperature) cleaning and ideally a gas hob with one electric plate for simmering, and 'La Bocuse' is the nearest I can find.  The hob  is actually all gas, but the large area on the left appears to have some kind of plate which might be good for simmering.  

I can't find a local stockist, but am hoping Rosières will point me in the right direction soon so that I can go and have a look before I buy.  It's a lot of money to spend sight unseen...I also need to know if it will run off bottled gas.

If anyone has used 'La Bocuse' and can share their experiences I'd be very grateful.


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I used to have one of these in my last house in the UK. I liked it very much overall but it did have one or two drawbacks.

The ovens are of a slightly diferent size so the shelves won't transfer from one to another. I didn't need to do that often although at times like Christmas it would have been useful.  The second was that the grill which is in the top of the oven wasn't that easy to use and you could very easily burn yourself.

The large burner on mine was in the middle and was excellent for things like long fish kettles. I don't recall simmering being a problem. It was very economical in it's gas use - we didn't have town gas in our village in the UK.

As I've already said I liked it very much and preferred it to the Neff I have in the UK at present. I hope this is helpful.



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