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3 metres?


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 Hello - I know someone will be able to answer this for me [;-)]

We want to build a single story extension to the side of our house (orangery type room) but we think we may have a problem.  Our boundary is 5 metres away from the house so we believe we would have to build either on the boundary or 3 metres in from it... so first question is.. is this always strictly the case? 

The reason being that next to our boundary is a field and the farmer crop rotates with either wheat/corn/sunflowers.  If we build on our boundary it may make life difficult for him when he is working on his land... but 3m in would make our new room too small... we did broach the subject of buying an additional strip to increase our garden last year but nothing more has been said so we're thinking it's a no... we will of course talk to him about our ideas but it would be good to know if we had any options before we start talking about it.

Also, we have had planning consent for a new garage workshop... so second question is are we less likely to get permission a second time if we have already been granted permission for a 32m2 building... or are prior requests generally irrelevant?

And finally, would we be pushing our luck to also ask for permission for a wooden shed (12m2) and a polytunnel? [:$]

hope this makes sense and looking forward to your thoughts...


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I'm pretty sure that the '3m or on the boundary' rule is national and applied fairly rigorously. It would probably cost a fair bit in notaire's fees, etc., relative to the value of the land, to buy a small strip. I'd suggest another chat with your neighbour and find out how much of a problem building to the boundary would cause him.

Can't comment on the other stuff.

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Thunderhorse... thanks for the link!  Learned all sorts of new rules to worry about!

Albert... thanks for the reply.  I think I knew the answer but was hoping for someone to tell me I was wrong [:D]  We haven't gone into much detail with our neighbour and we are on good terms so I think we'll have a chat with him and see how he feels.  It maybe that we're worring over nothing and that there will be no problem building to the boundary... and I'll get a bigger room than I planned too!  [:$]

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