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Trade Accounts in France


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Hi there from Dundee

My deepest apologies if this has been covered before. If yes please point me in the right direction.

I have a tradesman in Scotland who will be doing work for us in the Somme region - nearest bigger towns : Amiens, Arras, Albert and Peronne.

As like all tradesmen he has trade accounts with many well known firms in UK firstly to get credit and secondly to get discounted trade prices ie with Jewsons, Howdens, Wickes, Etc Etc

Does anyone know if these well known UK companies have branches or more likely associated companies in France where he could therefore be able to use his UK account terms re credits and discounts ?

many thanks

Bob Paterson

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It would be great wouldn't it.

I could get trade prices on nearly everything or avoid or reclaim VAT in UK.

Just getting a discount is a major acheivement in the great rebluic.

But finally after 6 years in France I got my second freebie from a company I do little business with - I got two 'O' rings for free from a car parts place after going to 4 plumbing places to get the same for a sink plug. The plumbing places wanted nearly 3 Euros for 4 'O'rings that were not even the size I wanted.

If you want trading freedom stay in UK.


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I introduced myself at a local builders merchants and showed them the plans of my build.  After using them for a month they allowed me credit and are very helpful. I believe I am getting the same deal as local builders. It's nothing like the discounts available to the trade in the UK but it's still a discount. Some of the big Brico stores seem to offer the best deals but there appears to be some low quality products amongst some of what they sell. Make sure you have somewhere to sit down if you have to hire plant in [:'(]
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[quote user="Nick Trollope"]Trade accounts are available to all sorts of legit tradesmen in France. Unfortunately, as your mate isn't, he ain't gonna get them. In fact, I wouldn't have advertised the fact that he is working for you.[/quote]

  Hi ok

               Sorry Nick  but Point-P gave me a trade account , I just went into our local one ,told them I was renovating an old farm house , they sent out a rep to have a looksee and said ok . I now get artisan rate ,, did the same with Bonne Homme and they now give me 50% discount .  So ask ...


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Hi all

Ta for the responses

Its not about trading freedom or avoiding vat etc. I have no problems paying vat. [:(]

Its all about trying to save wherever a few bob on the job and for example trying to avoid  buying supplies in the Uk because of price and bringing them all the way to France . These are just common sense when you are on a budget on larger expenditure which is of a one off type nature.

The company we are using has a multi million turnover in Uk - they are 100 % totally legit here but of course unknown in France.

It seems there may be an avenue or two to look at more fully so thanks again. If the French merchants are willing to give a discount to me ( rather than my builders ) if would be very rude to turn it down !!

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I ain't going to cover the old "what is a legit business in Fance" subject again. Boring.

Dave, to open an "Artisan" account in France, you always need to prove your registration - OK, you (and I) can open accounts in our own name and get discounts (I have an account with Point P, too, miles off my occupation), but that is not what I was talking about.

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