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Minimum Consuel requirements.


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I have already finished one flat (that I now occupy) and passed consuel on my wiring, at that stage not being able to fully understand the regs I took no chances and may have actually done more than was strictly necessary.

Now that I am pulling cables in the first of 6 more flats I want to avoid anything superfluous for budgetary reasons so would like some advice from the registered electricians that read this forum.

The first is regarding  the heating circuits, I will be using once again UK sourced storage heaters, the last time to avoid any potential problems with the lack of NF markings (they are CE marked) I installed them after the inspection but was advised because of this that I had to include a fil pilote in each of the gains, was this correct? My heaters do not make use of this feature and it is grief to add the extra core to a gaine prefilée so I would like to avoid it if I can.

Second question regards the provision of dedicated circuits that I do not intend using, for instance the first two flats in the loft conversion will be bed sits, they will have cuisines equipées but I dont propose to fit built in ovens but rather use combined mini four/microndes, will I still have to run a dedicated cooker circuit?

Ditto regarding the dedicated circuit for a washing machine, for security from flooding I will not be making any provision for these on the upper floors and will make sure that there is not any free space for someone to install them, once again is it a requirement to provide the dedicated circuit?

Lastly have there been any changes since my last consuel inspection (Jan 07) that the inspectors are now enforcing?

Thank you in anticipation. 

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All heating wiring must be 4 core - you can buy 4 core gaine PF.

You must run a cooker circuit (it can be 20A) and a washing machine circuit as a minimum to each property. I believe. I can't find any specific rules on the regs about bedsits, but, if you have a kitchen (rather than it just being a bedroom), then that must conform.

Jan 07 .. errr.. RJ45s rather than T telephone connectors?
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Thanks Nick, my memory was hazy but that is what I recalled, I was kind of hoping that I may have misunderstood at the time, my French not being very good then.

I think that I might give a punt on some of the items as long as I can correct them afterwards if need be, these 2 bedsits (kitchen will be shared with the living/bedroom) can be a trial which may realise much needed economies for the other one bedroomed flats.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply, I was hoping that it would be you [:)]

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