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Regulations about Toilets / Doors


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I'm just laying out the upper two floors of our Barn conversion, for the builder to start in a couple of weeks.

I'd like to know if there are any laws or regulations in France about how many doors there have to be between the living space (including kitchen) and a toilet.

In the UK, I believe the regs state that there must be two doors between any toilet and any kitchen. I was wondering if there was a similar ruling in France.

Thanks !
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[quote user="Nick Trollope"]That is an old Uk law, that doesn't apply any more. In France (like the UK), you must have (a minimum of) 1 door between a loo and a kitchen or none between a loo and a living area.

If you wanna do a poo in the middle of your salon, it is fine with me (and the DTUs)...[/quote]

Thank you for the information :-)

I've now got a few extra options to consider in the layout, and I appreciate it.

*wonders whether he can do without couches and just install loos facing the tv*
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To be serious again for a moment, can someone just clarify that as long as there is one door between the kitchen and the loo it is OK - I am putting a bathroom at the top of some stairs which are open in the kitchen at the bottom. Is this OK?
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