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WPL Microstations


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ide be interested to pick your brains i have also looked into these and when i discusssed it with the local syndicat D'eau i was informed that regardless of the quality of the outlet water i would still be expected to provide a secondary filter system and therefore the microstation would be un unnecessary expense as opposed to a normal fosse septique so i am wondering how this is regarded in your area. i was prepared to pay the extra but the feeling i got from the inspectator that does the foss inspection was that as this system is not officially recognised it would complicate getting a positive result when the fosse is installed so if youve got any thoughts i would be interested to hear them many thanks....

i suppose this also goes to the problem of the installation, as an installer will have to guarentee the work for ten years it may be difficult to find an installer that is conversant with the system and be willing to guarentee the work

if you follow the link above and contact these people by phone they may well be able to advise you i contacted them myself and found them very helpfull

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