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Smells from Fosse


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We've just returned from a  3 week stay at our house in the Lot. Whilst we were there we were occasionally aware of what we take to be a fosse related smell when we outside on the patio.

The house is around 2 years old. The various water outlets in the house are freely draining (loos, sinks etc). "Clean" water is discharging at the fosse outlet pipe. The fosse levels all look to be correct. There are two vents coming out of the roof tiles above top window level. We regularly use the infamous Eparcyl.

The house is just below a ridge and the prevailing wind blow across the roof (and the vents) in the general direction of the patio.

Any ideas how we might prevent this problem. It doesn't do it all the time (and teh smell isn't that strong)  but when it does it isn't great if you are eating

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Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated. I guess if I use the filters I need to take off the "fancy" little ventilation covers - see photo - and push the filters into the pipe. Not sure but I presume the covers will be cemented on.


I guess there are various alternatives to Eparcyl. Worth trying some alternatives I guess.

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