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Scaffolding & Equipment hire in France


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Hi All,

Anyone know about scaffolding companies, are they as common as in UK, cost etc.

Also do they have hire shops in France & are they also as accessible as in UK?

Is it common practice to hire & scaffold yourself for smaller jobs, ie 1 or 2 self builds, or better to go with scaffolders?

Any input would be helpful-thx.

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We bought a scaffolding tower as it wasn't much dearer than hiring and re-hiring, and we have a very high roof so it's often needed.

An interesting development near us, just over the border in the Haute Pyrenees, an english couple have gone into business with someone from the UK, bringing over large building equipment, such as manitous, escalators scaffolding etc, being sold off cheap by UK builders going bankrupt. Then hiring it out.

Look in the Pages Jaunes for Location de Matérial pour Entrepreneurs.

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