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Soil high up against exterior of house....and other queries- E. Brittany


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We have just received a C. U. to convert an atelier (4walls and a roof in O.K. condition) to a building for habitation. However soil is stacked against the exterior walls of the property....up to the ceiling level of the ground floor in some parts.

Shall I hire a mini digger to remove the soil or will this weaken the structure?

or Shall I tank interior walls.... how and what with?

Shall I leave it as it is and assume the rest of the building (granite stones bonded by clay) will "breathe out" the moisture?

Also, whilst I am on the subject, what is the best material for insulating walls and roof...... mineral wool/PIR/ a.n.other.

How many millimeteres of PIR are equvalent to 200mm of mineral wool? and what are their relevant prices... and where is the best place to buy?

All help gratefully appreciated
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The damp starts when you seal the area up and heat it. a good insulated floor slab and very well insulated walls along with good waterproofing (to the dry lining rather than the wall itself) helps. Ventilate the resultant airspace betwen the membrane and the wall. then you will have cool air where you want it and the walls moisture level unlikely to change over much while retaining a warm dry room to occupy.


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