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Gloss V Satin paint


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We are in the middle of doing some more decorating and wanted to know if anyone has used satin (satinee, I think) as opposed to gloss paint, I've used some of the french gloss paints in other parts of the house and find them very "cloggy". Thought satin might be a bit easier to work with.

Any thoughts gratefully accepted.

Thanks Mel .
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I totally agree tenniswitch, I really don't care for gloss paint at all.  I always use satinee for woodwork and mate on walls, I think this results in a far "softer" and more subtle look.  I even use eggshell paint on exterior woodwork.  As far as achieving a good finish goes, I think it's all down to preparation, good brushes and and as calm and meticulous an attitude as you can conjure up on the day![:D]
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I AM A RETIRED PAINT CHEMIST-WISH I HAD STARTED MAKING PAINT IN FRANCE AS SOME OF THEIR QUALITY IS APALLING ESPECIALLY IN REGARDS TO OPACITY-that is the property that enables you to use less number of coats when covering a darker colour with a lighter colour.

It depends what you are painting,where and your preference etc.

If outside then gloss paints in the suunier climates will depending on the quality loose the gloss  quicker and eventually the surface top layer becomes chalky which can be rubbed off easily if you brush against it.In the case of opening shutters then the exposed side becomes nearly matt and original colour is masked,while the inside part -not exposed to the sun- is left generally in the original glossy condition.

the toughnessof gloss or satin can be the same in the case of alkyd paints which is the solvent based products used for the last70 years.

I n the last 20-30 years a water based -breathable-type has been produced which is outperforming the alkyd gloss paints-as long as you buy a quality brand.These have been shown o work on woodwork inside on outside.

Must go and do some work in garden-collecting some firewood-bloody cold snap now started in Haute Vienne--wish I was living in Trinidad where I spent 6 years in my youth making anti-fungus paints for their houses.

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