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What are those upright slate shed walls called?


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I had an outbuilding at one point, the walls of which were constructed by those large upright slate slabs that were sunk into the ground. I see them all over France but have never known what the correct term was for them.

The slabs disappeared when some building work was done, but I am wondering whether they would be suitable as a rustic patio base? The rear of the house currently has a 'stone chippings' base where the patio/rear access will go so it would appear to be a fairly simple (and cheap?) task to lay these slabs and infill with cement.

Are the slabs up to the task if laid on a suitable supporting base, and what are they called? There is a small pile of them on a neighbours wasteland (they may even be mine???) that I could probably get for a pittance.

All ideas and suggestions gratefully received.

Rob G

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I dont know their origin, by on my terrace there are several large slabs of slate in amongst the other types of stone. Now, the terrace was poorly laid in the first place, so that wont be helping, but these slabs are constantly splittings into shards, cracking and generally disintegrating.

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