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Wood chaudier


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I am refurbishing an old German wood CH Boiler to add to - and run along side - my existing oil guzzler. It has four outlets which as far as I can tell are common to the water chambers on each side. It has the usual temperature-controlled draft vents at each side. I propose to use the right-hand side pair to feed the central heating with the usual expansion vessel/mamometer/pressure release combo tee'd off from the upper outlet.

The left-hand pair will gravity feed (in either 32mm copper or possibly 2" iron) the coil of a hot water cylinder mounted vertically above the boiler. The return from the coil to the boiler would be via a motorized valve normally open (i.e. open in no-volts condition), but closed when the CH circulator pump was operating. This cylinder would normally be full of cold water (feeding, in turn, a solar heater tank) and would therefore act as a heat sink when the house isn't calling for heating, or in the event of power failure. The coil circuit would also be protected at its highest point with a duplicate expansion vase/pressure release valve combo.  All the above is because the boiler isn't fitted with a cold purge system.

So the question is... am I missing anything or is it safe enough ?



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