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Tiling a roof


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Hi all,

Currently buying a project nr Roscoff and will be asking for advice in a number of aspects. This project is my second. The first was in St Michel en Greve where new kitchen, bathrooms and electrics were relatively straight forward ish! Mind you painting 8+ metres up was scary (full fall arrest safety gear and scaffolding mind!)

For this next project I am planning to re-tile (roof) a house plus annex in Feb. Current roof has multiple patches, has different slates front and back and currently leaks!

I am planning to use slate and would be keen to see if anyone can point me to any building merchants in the Morlaix to Roscoff area who supply this.  I am aware that there are different origins of slate and would discuss this at point of purchase.However as always I would be very interested in anyone who could provide advice.

Many thanks


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