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We have a Viesmann vitola-biferral oil fired boiler circa 1982 installed. I am now looking into options for upgrading our heating system. I would be grateful if any board members have any LPG experiences to share.

I would particularly like to know:

How much it would cost to install a tank,

If an above ground tank is optional, and general running costs.

Am I correct in assuming that the system will also feed the kitchen equipment?

Thank you.

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We purchased our house with LPG Central Heating already fitted and paid Antargaz 800 euro deposit to leave the tank buried in the garden. From the document they sent they had crossed out 2000 euro on the form and written in 800 so I guess 2000 is the amount normally required as a deposit.

I don't think there's an option to buy the tank, at least they didn't offer one,  but you get the deposit back if you sell

Ours, as I say, is buried and holds 1 tonne of LPG. I've hid the bright blue plastic cover with Decking thats removable.

In practice you can only buy about 500 kgs of gas at a time because you ring them when it gets down to 25% and they stop filling it when it reads 85% full.

The last lot we bought was 529 kgs and that cost 1,266 euro. Supplementing a log fire it lasts a year and that includes everyday hot water.

We think its expensive seeing we try to keep the usage down and don't go mad with keeping everywhere roasting.

There are lots of restrictions about where the tank can and can't be buried or sited above ground but if you've got a big garden there's bound to be a place where is can be sited

Regards Joshua

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Re "buying the tank".  It isn't really an option as it has to be tested every three years and the supplying company will normally do that as part of the deal.  It is also checked at each delivery.  If it doesn't come up to standard then they replace it.

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