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How do you say "Wooden Deck"


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Hello everyone,

I am wanting to prearrange building permission for a house extension with a roof that is a balcony of the same size as the room below.

I don't know if this is called a terrace if it is on the second floor or a balcony? I am imagining a large decked surface.

When i ask for a translation for deck i get pont of course.  I know the french have terraces, véranda's and balcons.

The room extension will be to enlarge the sejour and hopefully i could get a door put in to replace a window on the second floor so that you could go upstairs and out onto the "deck".

Any help on how to explain this or on balcony laws in france would be very welcome

The house is in the Bourg style and of course has a slopped roof.  I wouldn't want the deck to be roofed but of course the under section extension will be insulated for all round year use.

Kindest regards



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