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Replacing Firebricks in Fireplace - Advice Please!


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OK, one fireplace at the far end of the house has not been used for years and the slim firebricks against which the fire was built are in a very bad condition i.e. bits missing, crumbling, cracked, to a depth of about two inches in some places. They are badly eroded and need replacing before I have a woodburning stove and flue fitted. I think I can get hold of some reclaimed firebricks easily enough but is it a relatively trouble-free job to ease out the most damaged ones and replace them with the reclaimed ones? The area I want to repair/replace is about two feet wide by 18 inches high. I'm unsure which mortar I should use. The original mason used what appears to be a very hard, red sand, totally unlike the clay/lime mortar that was used in the walls. Has anyone done this before?

Rich [:)]

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