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Connecting power supply to outbuilding - underground?


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I was wondering on the normes/cable spec. etc for running a circuit (or two, one lighting, one for prises) to an outbuilding around 20m at the back of a courtyard/garden?

Is there such a thing as armoured cable? Should one run the main to the building and position an entirely new fuse box?

Many thanks in advance..

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Our Sparky ran two mains out.  One to the garage where he installed a new (small) breaker box and one to an outbuilding to another breaker box.  The outbuilding has washing machine/drier together with prises and lighting.  I think that's a better way to go as it gives you flexibility should you wish to add more circuits at a later date (exterior lighting etc).

Not sure about the cabling regs ours is above ground.

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