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Steam cleaning beams


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Hi all

Anyone know anything about steam cleaning beams? I have taken down my ceilings in France and the beams, joists and undersides of the floors above are a bit of a mess, partially covered in old, scruffy looking paint, dirty, and with adze marks and splinters on them. I don't know what to do about the splinters etc., but I saw someone on a TV prog steam cleaning some beams and thought maybe this would help to make them look presentable. I presume you can hire steam cleaners - has anyone done it? Are they effective? Has anyone had a company steam clean any timber? How much does it cost? Are there any drawbacks?

Any info gratefully received,

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Cann't help with kots of your questions, but before we moved over we had ours, which was black, steam cleaned and the result was great, and never mind the adze marks. We now have a beautiful golden, natural wood ceiling.

Heres the 'but': We had ours done before ripping out the old paquet which was rotten, and sitting on bare soil. This meant when the new floor had to be laid - membane, concrete, parquet, the ceiling took in all the dust and dirt that resulted.

Someone more sensible than me will hopefully tell you the correct order that the jobs should be done in, all I know is, I spent about two weeks (spread out, because there is no way that anyone can spend that many hours with one arm in the air) scrubbing my newly 'cleaned' ceilings.

S'nice to be retired at 42, but after that experience, I did not feel retired, more like ready for the grave.



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Has anyone else had experience of steam cleaning beams? I've got eleven 20ft beams in the kitchen that I want to clean. At the moment they are absolutely filthy with years of grease, smoke and grime on them. I don't want to sand blast them and the thought of cleaning them all by hand makes me feel queasy... I've read that steam cleaning can be effective. There's no paint on them. Just dirt!

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