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Just as well we don't rely on wood for our heating, because a lot of

ours starts off like this


And finishes up like this


Not finished yet. There is a trailer and driver for

me to make.

Or as bowls, goblets and gawd knows what else? But I

think it looks better for being recycled a bit and it keeps me off the

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Ta TP; it ain't only the elves mate. Some of us 'umanz do it too.

My hobby name before we moved over was Toys1st and it bought all of the kit and tools I have now and if I could be rebourne I would wish to come back as a tourner.. Funnly enough, it was somethiing that I never wanted to do.

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Well, I got there, but sorry still no work in progress photos, but I ain't arf got a lot of little round bits from turning the little pieces?

The hitch 'A' frame and the rails are 4 mm turned bamboob ecause I couldn't think of anything that would be as strong. Not bad to do and my smallest 100 year old box wood pinch chuck was ideal for holding the bamboo to turn. I posted a photo before showing a double ended crochet hook in bamboo.

I must admit to being pleased with the result and one day soon I will do the driver too.

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Hi GS, it's firewood [Www]!! Beech actually and I agree with you about the grain.

Peter, anything that's got a coat of celulose sanding sealer on it would burn much better than yer average log me-thinks..[:-))] The know how comes with practice and the turning is infectious so no patience need really when it's a joy to do. I was the one who was never going to be interested in turning? How things change?

I am a member of a wood turning forum and one of the guys there said that a pro turner in a vidoe had said that if you start with firewood then that's what you will finish up with. You must start with good wood.

I think that he must have a very good dose of tunnel vision! Some of the nicest things I have made are straight off the wood pile.

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Thank you all! It is lovely to know there are so many people who love wood too.

I have been selling my stuff for quite a few years now, mainly at craft fairs and the like and all of my tools, quite a few of my radio controlled gliders and a load of beer/wine has been bought with the proceeds. I still sell my stuff and take commisions, but I haven't sold very much since we moved over here. Most have gone as presents and it is a very rewarding hobby.

I have always said that one of the lovely things about turning is that when it is spinning you know what the shape is, BUT you don't see the complete picture until you stop the lathe and see what the grain is like!





Spalted beech. The spalting, black lines, are caused by fungi when the wood has started to rot and you get some beautiful spalting. It's VERY important to wear a good dust mask because the spalted wood dust is definately not good for your health [:-))]

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