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Tapping noise in wooden interior beams


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I have a holiday home in E. Brittany.

I can hear a noise from inside the beams. It goes rat-a-tat-tat for 2-3 seconds, then 3-4 seconds of silence...........then it repeats.

Does anyone know a) what it is

b) how to get rid of it ?
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We had the same thing............."heard usually at night when all around the house was quiet as a mouse"

We ended up taking all the skirting boards off treating the floors etc etc...........and then got so paranoid we have treated every room as our renovations progressed.

It seems to have done the trick though, no more tap tap tap, apparently it usualy happens between february and may when the adults are "calling" to each other for mating purposes !!

Hope you mange to sort it.

Regards Mel.
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In beams or in softwood floors?

It could be a longhorn beetle Hylotrupes bajulus (in French capricorne des maisons), or a deathwatch (Xestobium rufovillosum)

Best to bite the bullet and take a look - or get someone who know's what's what, it's impossible to advise without seeing the site.

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[quote user="mattjazz"]

Sounds like Deathwatch. We have them in one part of the loft, very,very annoying at night. When I spoke to our French carpenter he wasn't remoteley worried (we have oak by the way).



Ha, that's because its in your house not his.

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