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Gas (Propane) Central Heating Boiler Question.


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Is it possible to purchase a new gas boiler in the UK and to have it fitted in France?


I have identified the Worchester 550CDI as suitable.


If this is not possible I will be grateful for any recommendations as to make, model, and supplier.




Many thanks.

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Contact Worcester's technical department and ask the question. If i can buy a German Vaillant Combi-boiler for my UK house, you can certainly get a Worcester for France.

Why but Worcester in the first place? Is this down to costs?
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Hi I spoke to them without getting any help - they seem to operate different brands for each country. As to the brand I am open.


I suspect that I can source a boiler more cheaply in the UK especially with my two words of French.

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That's what this forum is for, offer help to those who need it.

I have just spoken to Worcester Technical people ( 0844 892 3366 ) who basically told me:

- Worcester Bosch only tested in the UK. This means they know how it works on UK gas but don't know what is the calorific value of the French gas (natural gas that is).

- The boiler reference you mention is available in both Natural Gas and LPG versions. The LPG version would work perfectly in France. The output of the Natural Gas version would depend on the quality of your gas supply.

But as i said to the Tech boy, you are not moving to Burkina Fasso and French gas is as good as any other gas in Europe.

Thinking of it this is also a lot of toch as lately, the gas purchased by Western Europe came from Russia via Ukraine!!! (France also buys from Algeria though)

Fitting rules also vary from one country to another ie. the condensate can be evacuated outside in UK but not allowed in France. This would anyhow be taken care of by your boiler installer/plumber in France.

If you need any help with translation do not hesitate to ask.
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This hoary old chestnut rears its head once more!

Now why on earth would you want to buy a boiler for France anywhere but in France?

The base problems:

1.  It will not be type-approved for the French market:

2.  It will not accord to French normes:

3.  What about warranty? Do you unfit it, cart it back to England for your warranty claims?

4.  What about spares availability?

5.  And so on.

Now in all probability reference items 1 & 2, it will be exactly the same boiler in France and England, with marginally differing name plates, model numbers and ID: however, be that as it may, it will not be type approved. And since the installation requires a final certificate of safety and compliance issued by a French registered gas engineer, how do you manage to arrange fitting? If it aint on his list as approved he aint gonna fit it! Even if he did, where do the installation instructions come from? In French? For a British specced market product?

Any differences in gas supply and type are usually simply catered for by mainly changing the inlet jets and adjusting the gas valve pressure.

If you want a top quality boiler for France, then consider a Viessemann.

Or Chappee:


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ericd wrote: Fitting rules also vary from one country to another ie. the condensate can be evacuated outside in UK but not allowed in France.

 Serious question to ericd from someone who knows little about central heating boilers and systems. What are you supposed to do with it then, as my boiler ( oil fired) in our French house ditches the condensate outside into the drain. [8-)]

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Hello Braco!

my advice to you is to go to the local heating man. Get a devi from him to purchase, and fit. That way if it goes wrong, you can go right back to him! If you are near me in 17 I will come and talk the talk for you! Failing that, do your homework with a dictionary and prepare a speech in French as best you can about what you want! Have at hand a pad to draw what you want too if words fail you!

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Thanks for your advice and kind offer. Unfortunately we are in 34.

I will take a brochure/installers manual with me on our next visit and see if a heating company will install and certify. Failing that I will at least have a specification for local suppliers to quote against.

A quick scan of the Leroy Merlin web page is showing prices about double what is available in the UK.
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2 Decembers back we had to renew our propane boiler and we just went to a recommended local French plumber. He gave us a devis for a Vaillent condensing boiler and the fitting. We had it fitted and the couple of small problems that we have had with it have been fixed very quickly by him under the warranty without any problems.

It has already been said that an English spec boiler will not have the 'NF' mark on it and will not be the French spec. If you were to have a catastrophic failure and there wasd amage to your house the first thing your insurance company is going to look for is that little 'NF' mark and when they don't find it you will be giving them the perfect opportunity to walk away me-thinks!

Me? I would rather sleep soundly... You, well, it's up to you?

Edit :- I nearly forgot. Our condensed water is fed into the same pipework that takes the overpressure vent from our solar heating circuit for the hot water.

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