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Handrail for Disabled Person

John Brown

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We have family coming out to visit this summer and one of our guests uses a wheelchair.

I'm looking to put two handrails in the shower but I can't remember seeing any in the DIY Stores.

The sort I'm looking for have a white finish and look like they will stand getting wet.

The rest of the adaptations I can make from scratch.

We are based between Limoges and  Mont Lucon

Thanks John

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I knew a chap once who had a disabled wife.  He got towel rails from Ikea, the large diameter tube ones and fixed them in strategic places.  He was/is a plumber and had them in the bathroom too.  They worked great and were a fraction of the price purpose made of hand rails.
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There're only great if they're built to take the force applied by

someone putting a lot - or even all - their weight on them repeatedly

and if the fixings are capable of withstanding that sort of use too. The

space allowed for the hands is greater compared to that for a towel too so a towel rail is not not necessarily as grabbable in an emergency.

I'm not saying that Ikea towel rails should not be used - and fixings

can always be changed or strengthened - but something that was designed

to carry towels vs something that may be expected to take the weight of a

full-size person are two quite different things. 
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Don't bother with the so called suction ones either, my sister used one of those when temporarily disabled by breaking her ankle. It was hit and miss as to whether it stayed up or not!!!![:(]

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