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First time here, not sure of the protocol.

I,m building a new roof terrace in the Aude region. The structure is in place, concrete base, walls etc., and I am ready to add a screed to create a fall, then I intend finishing with tiles.

I am concerned about what type of waterproof membrane to use, especially with the wide range of temp. we have here. Minus 12, this winter, 42 degs. last week. I want to avoid cracking and thereby leaks. Especially as the terrace will be over the main bedroom!

Thanks in advance for help.


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I'm sure someone will be able to give you more details but we viewed a house with a roof terrace in Bouzigues and they described it as being fibre glass ( this was my not very good translation from French) but it did look like fibre glass and he said its what they use on boats so I guess it could be. They then laid wooden decking over the top and it looked good, light weight flexible.
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