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Fitting regulations for multi-fuel stoves


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Is it posible there is available somewhere a translated book of regulations for fitting woodburner stoves ?.

Or perhaps where can I get a  book of regs in french  ?....

I ve scoured different forums for info but mostly the info is  too vague...

.These regs are easily available in UK and will be much the same as french regs, ...however we need precise details,,,, not if, buts and maybes....I need to know how much preparation  work I can do myself before getting the overpaid experts in to carry out the regulated work !!!!!

Also a  french guy told me that a stove has to have a  french safety standard and that an english / european standard is no good, ....I don t believe this although I would nt put it passed some french authorities to ignore the rules of the european directives on the subject.and make up their own rules....


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[quote user="rolsinfrance"]

 before getting the overpaid experts in to carry out the regulated work !!!!!


The "overpaid" experts are those that have sat the exams to get the qualifications...............[blink]

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I think you will find that the most important regulation is the use of a one piece stainless steel flue liner, and to have the chimney cleaned properly, not with a brush; but with a machine like a flail, to remove any traces of soot,  modern wood burners produce huge chimney temperatures. If you are in any doubt check with your insurance company as they will be the first to ask questions should the worst happen. We had a top of the range Jotul fitted and it is a wonderful addition to our house. But as I love my family and my grandchildren more than anything else, a few hundred Euros for peace of mind  was a cheap price to pay. And I can only say the experts did a very efficient and good job.
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Hi Jo,

         I get what you say, however, there is nothing too technical about this and the "exams " will only be basic ... the "specialist"  work will be  carried out based on some observations,  regulation  dimensions and a couple of safety checks.......

I will get in the specialist  but  what gets my goat is when they try to blaggard their way. This is why I can t  resist a dig... After  a lifetime in various engineering work  I know these things !


cheers for now, enjoy the sun !..... rols......

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I understand your angst: however, the situation in France is rather similar to what used to be Corgi registered heating engineers (I use the term "Engineer" tongue in cheek!). I have seen many works carried out by Corgi aproved and registered persons which were frankly dangerous. Indeed, my late mother had a new boiler fitted by a cowboy outfit: and the main welded manifold inlet was cracked and leaking gas at mains gas pressure!

Mum suffered various illneases of age one being loss of smell sense: even she could detect the odour of gas however!

The Corgi "Engineer's" solution? To knock a hole into an outside wall and fit a vent (At extra cost), to help ventilate the "Smell of the combustion which is all you are smelling".

Luckily, I called Transgas who condemned the installation: and then a  chum who was a real heating engineer, who quickly found the problem.

We can all criticise ability and standards and their attendant costs: unfortunately, the law is the law and certain standards are binding legal requirements.

It is not really the expertise, skill and etc that is critical: it is the simple reality that a registered, insured and vocationally + examination certified artisan in France is the only person who can issue a ticket of compliance.

If and when there is a problem, then firstly the insurers of your property will repudiate any claim and its contigent liability: and second, there are criminal penalties for un-certified people who carry out certain works which by their nature carry various health hazards and risks to human life and limb.

That's is French reality: c'est la vie !

I recently had my chimney swept: by a registered and well-established local artisan. I could and would have carried out a far superior job: and then not suffered the cost.

However, I now am in possession of a bit of paper which "proves" to my insurance underwriters that I have adhered to their treaty (policy) terms in the -unlikely - event of a chimney fire which destroys my house.

The trick, in France (Or indeed, anywhere) is to seek out good craftsmen and do this, mainly on local recommendations.

And as far as the cost of compliance be concerned, accept this with good grace.

Since there is nothing one can do about it!



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The regs are similar, I found this out talking to a French specialist woodburner fitter. They also discovered our central heating flue was too close to the woodburner flue. That cost me an extra 375 euros! The builder next door recommended the company I used. They turned up when they said and done a very professional job, even down to tidying up afterwards.

You can be cynical about these things, but at least you have the peace of paper to show the insurance company, in the worsed case scenario.

Good luck

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