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Underfloor electric matting for bathroom

Rob Roy

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Do you get enough heat out of it Clair? If so what is your flooring material?

I ask because the Brico-depot ones are only rated at 100 watt per square metre whereas the Uk ones are 200 watt.

I bought a load of em from BDC when the phoenix rose from the ashes, I paid £6 for the mats, £6 for the thermostats and about 25p per M2 for the insulation boards.

Aside from the lower power which given the restricted French supply is no bad thing the Brico-depot prices are quite competitive.

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Mr Clair installed it on a layer of lightweight concrete about 3-4 cm thick and covered with ceramic floor tiles.

We haven't used it yet, although Mr Clair checked it before laying the tiles (!).

Apparently, we're supposed to run it at full pelt to warm up the concrete slab, then use the thermostat (supplied in the kit) to regulate the temp.

As the floor area in the bathroom it's installed in is quite small, it shouldn't take more than ½ a day to get working as expected.

When installing the mat, the idea is to cut the mesh and lay it to suit the required space. We cut ours to fit in front of the suspended toilet and basin and just  outside the shower cabinet.

The Brico Dépot kit we bought is manufactured by Ensto. Details here.

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