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Insert Woodburner Installation (Sorry, this old chestnut again... Yawn...)


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Any help would be much appreciated. I have purchased an insert from Anglo Info and am keen to plumb it up and light it. Although an insert it stands on its own legs and apart from the appearance I cannot see why it should have to be built in. I intend to stand it in my fireplace and connect it to a stainless steel liner run up my chimney. A few questions:

1. Must I build this in or can it run as a stand-alone unit?

2. The steel chimney from the top is 200mm wide. Does my liner have to be as wide as this, or could I get away with say 150mm? I am not sure if my chimney is 200mm wide at the top. The height of the chimney is circa 8 metres.

3. Since there is no space for a damper in the flue am I safe to assume that I will be able to control the fire via the slider on the base of the door, (assuming my rope seals are all good). I am very keen to keep her in over night.

I would really appreciate some help here. Thanks in advance.

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1  If it's a stand alone woodburner it is designed to stand on its feet.

2  It is best to use a flue that fits and was designed for the woodburner.

3  If the woodburner was designed to be used without a damper you should be OK.


Just looked at the pic and it would seem to be a 'built in unit'. It will probably work OK but you won't get mamy admiring glances....

It doesn't look very pretty if you do not mind me saying. Couldn't you find a freestanding woodburner?


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For our first four years this is exactly what we had, it was installed by the previous owner. No, it doesn't look pretty but I think that one advantage is that you get more heat radiated from it than you would if it was built-in. You can clean it up with one of the black-lead-type products which definitely improves the appearance.

Generally the tube should match the aperture on top of the woodburner, but a reduction may be allowed if the instructions specify it. Can you get any details, model numbers etc, off the appliance to allow you to search online? I did have an  instruction leaflet for ours, and it looks remarkably similar to yours; I'll see if I still have it and report back! It was a model made for Castorama and was in the shops about 6 or 7 years ago; not very expensive at around 190€.

Ours didn't have a damper, but it does make it difficult to control. Even with the front grilles closed it can still draw a lot of air in. you can buy dampers separately to mount on top. We just used it as is.

I should point out that we have replaced ours with a more efficient (freestanding) unit in the last 12 months and the difference is amazing, in terms of consumption, heat output and controllability.

You should fit a registration plateto blank off the chimney so that heat doesn't rise up around outside the tube and just waft away!



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[quote user="broy"]A registration plate? Its not a car.

Ha ha! Thanks... and this helps how? Obviously it's not a car, otherwise we'd be talking endlessly about immatriculation (not registration) again.You could just tell us all what the correct term is if this is incorrect.

Meantime I found the company which manufactered this model but it only seems to be available in Poland according to my Googling.

Cheminees Diffusion, France. Mine was model B1 and looks exactly like yours, Etoile. It is very much at the "prix bas" end of the scale!

I'm sorry, but I no longer have the installation guide, it's gone the same way as the insert. 



Forgive me for I have sinned [6]

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Thanks for the help folks, Sid, it has GD on it and not CD which would of course stand for 'Chiminees Diffusion'. I don't know if it is a budget model or not: It seems to be all cast iron and the bitch certainly took my back for a ride when I waltzed her out the back of the car and serenaded her into the fire-place.

I may try and fit a 'choke' into the flue above. Anything for a bit more control. Hopefully then she will get her Controle Technique and I can fire her up!

Again, thanks for the help.
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