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How difficult is it to get scaffolding in general, I assume I will need permission from the Mayor and insurance too? 

We are going to be in 16 South Charente and I need to do a few repairs to the roof and barge boards, whilst I am up there I would like to clean and paint everything.  The house is 3 stories high and on a crossroads so I don't really fancy risking my life on a ladder.

Any one know of any companies that could erect some for me and an idea of what I could expect to pay would be great.



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Thanks Dog.  I have done a few searches (admittedly after asking the question) and can't find any answers from anyone that has managed to do it.  Maybe there is a market to "export" some[:)]

I know our estate agents husband recently bought some, she mentioned it in passing, maybe he would lend me it in return for some form of show of kindness[I] 

I really don't fancy getting to the top of a 3 stoty building on a main road on top of a ladder, I might just be starting and ending my new life in a disappointingly short time scale. I ned to replace the barge boards, do some minor repairs to the roof and put some flashing round the chimney breasts. 

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Cannot really help, but when we needed to re-build a chimney we hunted high and low for scaffolding, finally found a local firm who did a good job but charged an extortionate amount.

As previously said it does not seem to be something the French go in for, and certainly when I had a new barn roof the contractor used a cherry picker.

There are companies who  hire equipment so may be a good idea to have a word with your Mayor who could head you to the right people.

Certainly do not climb ladders to those heights|

Good luck


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We bought a scaffolding tower from a diy place - it cost a few hundred euros. Our roof is very high but not as high as 3 stories.

When we had the roof replaced the roofer hired a manitou, and used that plus our scaffolding tower.

Manitou hire here costs about 500€pw.

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There are some hire companies on the web:



Lots more but there's somewhere to start.  Our builders certainly used scafolding to do our roof but they put it up themselves so I guess they just had it as part of their kit, rather than hiring a company to do it.

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