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Wood burners, a bit different?


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Wow. Those in the link are very shonky for the price he asks. No seal or flange on the door, no proper outlet - just a hole cut in the side on the vertical ones, no damper flap in the chimney, no controllable air intake and a bad finish too.

I have made a few, the latest being the "butch cassidy" style he has, but mine had all of the above including a door latch that is a lot easier to use than a bloody hook and eye. [:D]

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I don't have pics of the later ones,this is an early one I did to heat the garage.....


Two standard gas bottles welded end to end allowed me to use longer logs. The end hinged to the side to load it, had a 5mm flange welded all the way round on the inside with a rope seal to stop smoke getting out. The nozzle out the front has a disc on a threaded rod, which can be screwed in and out to regulate the airflow. I found that with this I did not need the damper flap in the chimney so removed it on this one.

The legs were made out of scrap box section - since it was for the garage, prettiness was not an issue. The paint finish went all wonky as I re-sprayed the mini in there.

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