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What's in my old fosse?


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We have the old sewage treatment equipment still in the basement of our house and I was wondering what sort of job it would be to remove it.  It's made of concrete and consists of a large bell shaped tank with a concrete pipe leading of the top.  This runs in to the bottom of a shallow oblong box built on supports to the same level as the top of the bell then there is another concrete pipe from the top of the box that used to drain the water out of the house.

The way I see it working in the past was all waste water ran into the bell chamber where the solids settled, the clear water ran into the oblong box where further settlement took place before the cleanish water ran into the drain.  I can't see any inspection holes or drain holes in either of the chambers, no way of emptying either.  The house was built in 1920 and has been on mains drainage for some years, not sure how many, maybe 10.

So, my question is this, how the hell do I remove the old sewage equipment?  If I break it up will I have a cellar full of stinking sewage or will it have all been eaten by the bacteria leaving a rich compost?  Will we be left with the mother of all stinky bio hazards?

Any ideas or suggestions please.

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