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Astracast type sink


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Hi everyone

My daughter has managed to badly stain her cream Astracast type sink, she thinks someone has rinsed out cans and left them to drain leaving greyish rings and other marks,  usual cleaning products have not worked and before something drastic is used I am hoping someone out there can come up with a "wonder cleaner"

I am thinking along the lines of very weak bleach, dishwasher powder/bio  washing powder, but don't want to do damage.

Any hints, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am visiting during half-term so can try and deal with it then.

Many thanks


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They do that really well, would never have one. A long soak in bleach removes organic staining from most things. doesn't matter if you damage it, it's damaged now [;-)] and it will be again so if it doesn't come clean end it's life asap and focus on the better things in life [:)]
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[quote user="Jo"]You could try a product called 'bartenders friend' it's a powder that you sprinkle on then rub with a wet cloth, it has worked wonders on worktops etc, but have never tried it on Astracast.

AKA  Oxalic acid but bicarbonate of soda is another good one to try and cheap too

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