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RCCD types


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I know one should use a type AC RCCD where the load includes thyristor-controlled devices; otherwise it's OK to use type A. I assume from this that type AC is a lot more expensive than type A, otherwise one could use AC everywhere, without worrying about what's connected to it. I don't recall seeing different types in the UK.

What I don't know is how type AC technically differs from type A; why should a non-sinusoidal current waveform affect its operation?

Any expert knowledge out there?

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You have your facts the wrong way around. Type AC interrupteurs différentiel are the cheaper kind & only deal with AC faults.

Type A deals with both AC & DC faults & are marginally more expensive in the common sizes, & a lot more so for triphasé types.

I believe there is a move afoot to make Type A standard & for Type ACs to be phased out as then all the bases are covered.

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