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Ragréage fibré to fill gaps before tiling with tomettes?


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We have recently cut tracks into existing cement floor tiles to lay gaignes - see pic below:


We are hoping to lay reclaimed tomettes directly on top of these tiles, however have been 'warned' that the large tracks may cause problems later on after tiling on top of them in the form of cracking tiles etc.. (we thought we could just bed the gaignes in with some sand & cement). We do not really have the 'height' available to lay a complete chappe (nor do I think it necessary as the concrete tiles are already perfectly level) so we are looking for an innovative solution..

A Scandinavian builder friend has suggested pouring the tracks with a super strong fibre containing self levelling compound such as weber.floor 4310 fibre flow

(used as a screed even on wood floor boards) or this version , and going on from there..

Any thoughts?

Any thoughts on what mortar or 'colle' to use with tomettes on these cement floor tiles?

Many thanks for any insights..

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