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Triphase water Heater


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Yes it can be done, we have a de dietrich chauffe eau that I fitted, it is the type that can heat the water by electricity or via hot water going through the coil in the heater. The element is  three phase but the instructions supplied shows how you can wire it up on a single phase supply. (unfortunately the instructions are in France, and I'm in the UK at the mo) Below is a link to de dietrich's site where you can download PDF instructions for one of their heaters, it shows the electric connections for three phase and single phase. Might give you some idea. Can't guarantee it will work or will be safe on your system.  We have used the heater for the past 3 years with no problem.

Only muck about with this if you are confident.


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Basically you need to change the links so that the three 230v elements are wired in parallel rather than the star arrangement used for the 3 phase. It is usually easy enough to identify the seperate elements as pairs of connectors and this can be confirmed with a multimeter and then it's just a question of linking all the live terminals together and then the neutral side.

It's easier if you have the instruction manual.
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