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Hi all

Am considering having a medium sized courtyard garden built and would like 6 foot garden walls all round (we are on a hill so would like a bit of privacy). We do not have close neighbours so it shouldn't upset anyone. Just wondering if anyone has built similar and could give me an idea of cost per linear metre to build - either DIY or by a builder. Would assume concrete blocks to be the cheapest method but if anyone has any other ideas, that would be great.
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The common way I've seen this done here, is to build a concrete block (parpaing) core and then face the finished wall in chaux / stone.

Cheaper is to use concrete / stone, but its grey, so looks awful when done. There is a large house complex near here with a 200m 2.5 m high wall built in this way.

A true stone and chaux wall  (both sides and infilled) as per traditional building methods will cost an arm & a leg by a builder and the skill level for this is rather high for DIY, especially at the height you are suggesting.

I'm planning to do this myself (block and facing) round my own garden when I get one of those round tuit things :-)

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