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Query on plumbing compression joints sizes..


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Re-plumbing time.. I'm looking to sort out the bathroom & kitchen now and am a little baffled on BRICODEPOT brass compression joints. Other (more expensive) bricos sell compression joints with the mm dimensions on the packaging.. (12mm, 14mm.... etc.). Bricodepot 12x17, 15x21 or 20x27... ??

Which is which? I'm basically looking for 12 & 14mm options..? Or is Bricodepot for the soldering aficionados only?

Many thanks as ever..

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To buy compression fittings at Bricodepot you need two items . Firstly ‘T’ 90 degree bends etc as first link below. These are sold as 12 X 17 = 3/8 inches , 15 X 21 = 1 / 2 inch and 20 X 27 = 3 / 4 inch. NB the Imperial descriptions are correct


You then need nuts and olives for the French sized pipes you are going to attach to these fitting.

10 and 12 will attach to 12 X 17

12 and 14 to 15 X 21

And 16 to 20 X 27

If you buy from other places you can get other combination for instance 16 to 15 X 21, and T with odd sizes coming off them


If you have not lost the will to live there is a full and frank discussion of UK versus French Plumbing as below :


Best of luck

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Phew.. I thought there must be some method in the madness.. Nothing like doing it the hard way!

Like you say, life is short, and maybe I'll do the sums on getting the ready to go packs, pricier as they may.

Thanks for the specific detail..

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