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Wiring regulations for underground and under decking cable routes.


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I am requesting advice as to what sort of cable and installation I need.

I want to install outside sockets to an external wall of my house.

The wiring route I am planing is :

a) From the main disjoncteur panel and through the sous sol wall.

b) then under ground for 3 metres and entering under a wooden deck

c) then under  wooden decking for 4 metres before coming up through the decking against the external wall. 

Can can anyone please advise the regulations for the underground wiring and under deck wiring?

I am planning to use 20 mm gaine with 3 core 2.5 mm wiring. I plan to bury the relevant section of the  cable 60cm under ground and just use the gaine under the decking as cable protection.

Does this seem OK or do I have to use any other type of special cable for underground or under the deck?

Thanks for you help.


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You have to use the special underground gaine (red) and that must change to above ground gaine within 50cm of the ground. The red gaine must be burried at around 60cm and covered by sand I think it was 20cm then the red indicator mesh (grillage) and then 10cm of sand then earth to the top.
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