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I have two wells that are registered and both have been tested to make sure the water is safe.

Well 1. 25.5m deep by a 1m wide. 17.5 meters to the surface of the water thus 8 meters of water = 25.4 cubic meters

Well 2. 21.5m deep by 1m wide 18m to the surface of the water depth of water 3.5m

Well 1 has a pump and is used to water the garden at the moment.

My question is well 1 has no pump as the previous owner removed it,but electrics and connections are still in place.

The following has been recommended by a local plumber

Pump immergee puit profund DCS4C 19 Mono 151529

Also a manque d'eau Micro DSN/30 471030

Reservoir a vessle 100 litres

I estimate that the wells are holding approx. 36m cubed I am not sure what the refill time is.

Plumber has quoted me 2300 euros to fit the above equipment and overhaul the existing pump and vessel and link the two pumps together there is already a pump house and previous connections where the wells used to be linked so not so much work.

The plumbers quote seems rather steep thoughts welcomed.
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