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Garden Maintanance - 56/22


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Hi all,

I am in the process of renovating a property on the border of 22/56 in Meneac which is close to Merdrignac and 16km east of Loudeac. I am looking for someone to give my rear garden area a cut every 3 weeks or so in the season. I seem to be spending 2days just sorting the garden out at the minute, which is time i should be spending on the house. I have had some expensive quotes from people who live quite a distance away, hence they require 2hrs pay (total 30 euros) for the garden, which should only take 30 mins at the most. If anyone is interested who lives nearby please contact me.



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The recommended rate of pay for gardening (according to urssaf's cesu rates) is ~ €10 per hour (+ the 47% cotisations, of course).  This is the amount we pay our gardener (a neighbour) to cut the lawns for us (we pay him via cesu and provide all equipment).  The €10 is labour only so if you're using a self employed gardening contractor you would have to pay more to cover the cost of their equipment travel etc. 

Labour is extremely expensive in France; the minimum wage is high and the cotisations etc are the highest in Europe.  (This is why we always advise businesses not to locate in France unless there is no alternative.)

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