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Block paving sealant in France - an equivalent to the Ronseal / Thompsons satin?


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Hi.. A quick question to those maybe in the 'know'

I'm wondering if anyone knew a French equivalent to this RONSEAL block paving sealant in satin? I'm looking to seal some stone kitchen worktops..

I'm back in the UK for a week, will posting a couple of litres of this seem a little reckless?

Many thanks indeed....
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[quote user="Théière"]

I doubt there is much difference between the resin used on blocks and the same for sealing porous tiles.

Impermeabilisant sol et carrelage


Many thanks..

I actually yesterday bought some
Impermeabilisant galet/pierre naturelle from Leroy Merlin - it's an 'oily/petroleum' smelling product (rather than a polyurethane/resin 'sealant' like the RONSEAL). In the same range they have impermabilisant terre cuite (or marbre)..

The product soaks in and becomes almost invisible (I remember using something similar a while back called 'Migrastop' to spray on tavertine tiles to make a shower) - and brushes can be washed in soapy water..

I was somewhat concerned about the XN Nocif (noxious) label on the bottle - a concern for a worktop??

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